About Us

Valemount College is a private post-secondary institution operating as a non-profit social enterprise that promotes “Lifelong learning in the Rocky Mountains”. The college is pleased to present and offer a variety of short-term, experiential and exciting Edutourism Learning Adventure packages and workshops in addition to our academic, qualification-based programs.



Edutourism is a combination of Education and Tourism culminating in extraordinary learning adventures through stimulating experiences that are culturally rich, naturally diverse and are definitely not your average “travel excursion”. Discover new and exciting mountain locations while learning about photography, wildlife, nature and many other topics-if you have an interest, we most likely have an Edutourism Adventure that will satisfy your curiosity! Adventure alongside our knowledgeable instructors and locally acclaimed experts to take your level of enjoyment from standard to extraordinary by joining our programs today!


While organizing our workshops, we work closely with locally renowned instructors who are passionate and knowledgeable about the courses they teach-resulting in the perfect learning experience! View our course descriptions to read our instructors biographies and begin sharing your excitement with theirs for your choice of workshop.


The Village of Valemount is nestled at the base of 3 extraordinary mountain ranges-the Rocky, Monashee and Cariboo Mountain Ranges and is also located 40 kilometers from Mount Robson (the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies). Both visitors and locals can experience spectacular mountain views on a daily basis while experiencing the peace of nature and a relaxed lifestyle while interacting with the charming and friendly locals. Our location ensures mild winters that include lots of snow and temperatures averaging -6.7 degrees Celsius while summers are sunny with temperatures averaging 24 degrees. Over the years, Valemount has been voted the Best in Canada in a variety of different categories from snowmobiling to mountain biking.