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Edutourism is a unique and extraordinary learning adventure and experience that combines tourism with an educational component. Our Edutourism packages and courses are based on 3 travel types: the Authentic Traveler, Cultural Explorer and Free Spirit which are based on your travel values. My idea of an exciting adventure travel experience is most likely not the same as yours. Choose your package yourself or take the 5 minute Explorer Quotient Quiz to find your travel type and match it with one of our packages to maximize your level of enjoyment and take your experience from standard to extraordinary!



These courses cover the unique mountain environment and include topics such as birdwatching, salmon viewing, wildlife tracking, plant identification, living things in winter, and geology.

The topics for mountain arts courses include workshops with a mountain theme in fine arts, crafts, writing, and musical instrument construction using locally sourced wood. 

Current programs

Theatrical Transformations Workshop: Mask Making and Improv


These courses will be for people wanting to learn or improve their outdoor recreation skills for general interest. Topics will cover a wide range of skills including bush-craft, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, mountain bike maintenance, cross-country skiing, ski touring, and snowshoeing.

Current programs

Rocky Mountain Outdoor Adventures

Current courses


These courses will cover skills needed by people wanting a simpler, back-to-the-land lifestyle. They will appeal to urbanites who want to make the move to a country life, and to those already living in a rural mountain environment. Courses will include a wide range of topic, examples are log-home building, do-it-yourself alternative energy, gardening, cooking with wild edibles, and beekeeping (lifestyle, country living, DIY).